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Osman Interlinings Limited (OIL), a concern of Concorde Garments Group, was formed in 1992 to supply high quality interlinings to the garments industries of Bangladesh. In 2003, OIL teamed up with Doublegull Interlinings Ltd., the largest interlining manufacturer in the Peoples Republic of China, and formed OTL-Doublegull Manufacturing Company, a joint venture company that currently manufactures 400+ types of interlining, located in the Export Processing Zone (EPZ) in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Interlinings are made here under strict quality controlling mechanisms, and are approved for buyers including:

  • Next
  • H&M
  • Perry Ellis
  • VF Asia
  • Bestseller And many others.

In 2015, OIL built the world’s first Green, LEED-Gold Certified, interlining factory, to provide factories around the world with the highest quality interlinings, while caring for the environment. For more information, please visit

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Software and Technology:

SSL Wireless is one of the most well-reputed software development, fintech, and ITeS companies in Bangladesh, pioneering SMS Banking, mobile banking, value-added services, e-commerce, digital payments & many other software services which have benefited millions of people.SSL Wireless mounts on its decade long industry experience, superior technical skills and highest quality of support services to provide scalable IT solutions as a leading Software development and services company. It has deep infiltration in the Value-Added Services, Banking, Corporate, and FinTech industry of Bangladesh.

SSL's service lines are focused on:

  • Mobile Financial Services: we provide mobile banking infrastructure and apps for the leading Bangladeshi financial institutions
  • Online Payments and Transactions: we operate the largest e-commerce payment gateway in the country, SSL Commerz (
  • Digital Marketing and Agency Services
  • Mobile Enterprise Data Services
  • Digital Security Services
  • Mobile Entertainment and News Services

We have partnered with some of the most renowned companies worldwide for content, software development, and security assurance. Our clients count on us to create competitive advantage and tangible performance enhancement. We extend you a warm welcome to our website,

C & F Agency:

We have our own C&F agency to help import and export our products. Our C&F personnel are located at all regulatory port areas including Dhaka Airport, Dhaka ICD, Chittagong Port, Benapole Port, etc.

Having own C&F agency helps us release imported goods and clear export products quickly and at competitive costs. We also have our partnered transport agency to transport our raw materials from various ports to our production units and export the same to nominated ports.

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