Social Compliance.

Social Compliance - Code of Conduct

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Concorde Garments Group is a responsible and ethical apparel producer and embodies, both in spirit and practice, internationally established codes of social accountability and ethical business practices. It recognizes and respects cultural differences and employs individuals solely on the basis of their qualification for the job. It identifies and works with suppliers and buyers who in the conduct of their business abide by local laws and have ethical standards compatible to it’s own.

The basis of the various parameters that comprise the code of conduct are drawn from the following:
  • Ethical Trading Initiative
  • Global Sourcing Principles of key customers
  • ILO Conventions
  • Local Legislation
The following are some characteristics of our factories Safety features:
  • Protective gear for Operators.
  • Clearly marked aisles and exits.
  • Separate spot removing room with exhaust fan.
  • Boiler room surrounded by 10 inch thick concrete wall.
  • Needle-guard for every sewing machine.
  • Metal Hand-Gloves for Cutting Operators.

Security Features:

  • CTPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) – Approved.
  • Barbed wire all along factory walls.
  • Secure warehouse for safe storage of fabric, accessories and finished goods.
  • Close Circuit TV for surveillance.
  • Well trained security personnel.
  • “Carton” and “Finished Goods Storage” section accessible ONLY by authorized personnel.
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Miscellaneous features:

  • No child labour.
  • Time card system.
  • Employee notice board to keep them aware of their rights and latest developments.
  • Welfare officers constantly training the employees about their rights, and other relevant issues facing them.
  • Loud speakers to make announcements if necessary.
  • 2% of the workers are trained in using CPR.
  • Floor mats provided to all employees with standing jobs.
  • Training center for giving necessary education to employee.
  • Separate clean toilets with for males and females with liquid soap and hand dryers.
  • Lockers for all employees to safely keep their valuables.
  • “Water cooling” system to provide workers a comfortable temperature to work in.
  • About 4% of the workers are trained in how to administer First Aid.

Employee benefits:

  • No excess overtime.
  • Paid Maternity leave benefit as per Govt. law.
  • Doctor’s room with full-time doctor, nurse and 1 bed for every 500 workers.
  • “Eid (religious festival for the Muslims) Bonus” given during the two Eids of the year.
  • Safe drinking water for all employees (ground water that further goes through a process of filtration).
  • Childcare room with a bathroom, located near exit.
  • Canteen with seating arrangement for 30% of the workforce.
  • “Dry Food” shop for all employees.
  • Clean and congenial working environment.
  • Unused Annual Leave Payment.
  • Airy and well-lit workplaces.
  • 1 First Aid Box for every 100 workers.
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Our factory has achieved following globally recognized certifications with regards to social compliance:

Below are some of the organisations which have placed their trust in us:

  • Alliance for Bangladesh worker safety.
  • Accord.
  • ISO 14001:2015 (EMS).
  • ISO 9001:2015(QMS).
  • WRAP.
  • Sedex.
  • BSCI.
  • GOTS.
  • GRS.
Buyer’s approvals:
  • Wal-mart.
  • PVH.
  • Norwest.
  • Kontoor.
  • Intradeco.
  • Perry Ellis.
  • EPIC.
  • G-TEX.
  • Bay City(GMBH).
  • Fortunex.


In our constant endeavours to improve our factory and conditions of our workers, Concorde Garments Ltd has achieved the following high-level certifications in the field of quality, ethical trade and social compliance: