CGG News

Concorde Garments Ltd recently assessed by ALLIANCE on structural/fire and electrical audit. Based on the onsite audit report the result is up to the mark and none of major/critical issues with no further follow up by ALIANCE.

Production Process and Technology

  • Modern apparel manufacturing techniques have been adopted to ensure optimum efficiency.
  • The factory has the latest in labour saving and time efficient machinery to enable it to compete in the world market.
  • Style analysis, risk analysis, layout planning and production targets based on Standard Minute Values (SMV) are defined by the Industrial Engineering Department to ensure that planning is meticulous and shipments are on time.
  • Production monitoring system using bar coded tickets ensures accurate recording of work-in-progress and provides management with live production data. This helps production management to be proactive in correcting potential imbalances within the process and provides invaluable data to monitor operators' efficiency.