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Concorde Garments Ltd recently assessed by ALLIANCE on structural/fire and electrical audit. Based on the onsite audit report the result is up to the mark and none of major/critical issues with no further follow up by ALIANCE.

Our Uniqueness

Bangladesh has a mature garment industry with a tradition of more than thirty years of export to international markets. Its society has a thousand year old history of harmony and homogeneity among major religious and ethnic denominations, and is founded upon ethical, social and family values. Bangladesh is a signatory to major international treaties upholding labor and human rights.

Concorde Group has successfully harnessed the benefits of its investments and managerial expertise to cater exclusively to ethically complied high street retailers and department stores around the world. Innovative and higher quality products, response to fashion trends and market needs as well as large production capacities have established it as a well known vendor of woven-tops from Asia.


  • Both Concorde and Tulip has earned a reputation for being a maker of quality products, in their respective product categories, which is why some of our customers have been working with us for over two decades.
  • Quality assurance and control based on the principles of Statistical Process Control (SPC) ensures monitoring of all quality aspects in the manufacturing process and generates reliable information of quality-associated issues in order to take remedial action.
  • Strict adherence of performance requirements for raw materials, individual dye-lot approvals prior to shipment of in-bound fabric, and testing of raw materials by accredited textile testing laboratories prior to release for production ensures that raw material and accessories are of the highest qualities.
  • Quality Assurance team that reports to the Production Director carries out final inspection of the finished products based on Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) prior to release for final audit by customer inspectors or third party audit agencies.

Product Safety

  • Since we are aware of the scrutiny which our customers face with regards to product safety, we carry out tests to ensure that raw material and accessories used in our products are free from harmful or prohibited substances.
  • Trained personnel carry out in-house tests for product safety. These include fabric tests, metal contamination detection using conveyor type tunnel detectors rated 1.2 mm sensitivity, adherence to a strict needle replacement policy, to name a few.


  • We offer competitive price considering the quality requirement of raw materials and garment products, required ethical standard to be followed at the factory, professional and one stop service to customers. We work with customers as our partners and take the burden of raw material sourcing, design development, merchandising, and inspections. As such our offered prices are competitive as a whole.
    On the whole, we are a competitively priced, socially compliant one-stop shop for all our customers
  • We employ around two thousand one hundred skilled workers and one hundred and fifty supervisory and managerial staff in our production facilities.
  • Planning, Production, Procurement, Merchandising, Marketing, Human Resources, and Administration are located at the Mirpur site while finance, shipping, logistics and information systems are located in our Corporate office at Karwan Bazar, Dhaka. All the aspects of our business are managed with an ERP which gives us real-time information to what is going on, at all times.
  • Eighty percent of the workforce is women, which is a significant contribution to women's empowerment in a developing country like Bangladesh.
  • Management staff consists of a healthy combination of national and international recruits, designed to provide CGG with the necessary capacity to successfully compete in global manufacturing and export.


  • We have classrooms in our production facility where our own resource persons impart specific technical knowledge to floor level operators, QC personnel, and managers enabling them to achieve defined goals of production and quality, and so that they can continue to grow.
  • When an employee first joins, at the bottom, she is sent to the production floor for period of 3 months, so that he gets an idea of how the sewing lines work, and then she is provided training in our center, for a month, and then is ready to be a machine operator.
  • Training is also imparted to operator level staff to enhance and diversify their skills.

Production Process and Technology

  • Modern apparel manufacturing techniques have been adopted to ensure optimum efficiency.
  • The factory has the latest in labour saving and time efficient machinery to enable it to compete in the world market.
  • Style analysis, risk analysis, layout planning and production targets based on Standard Minute Values (SMV) are defined by the Industrial Engineering Department to ensure that planning is meticulous and shipments are on time.
  • Production monitoring system using bar coded tickets ensures accurate recording of work-in-progress and provides management with live production data. This helps production management to be proactive in correcting potential imbalances within the process and provides invaluable data to monitor operators' efficiency.